Stäubli RX160

Stäubli RX160

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Pardubice, Česko

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We offer a used robot in very good conditions with very low motor hours 11300.

Robot has also ValPlast licence to be easily program for loading and unloading of molding machines based on Euromap Comunication.

Robot is equiped with, 5m interconnect cable, WMS module for working mode selection and control pendant SP1.

Robot can be delivered with any industrial communication.

Nominal load 20 kg

Reach (between axis 1 and 6) 1710 mm

Repeatability - ISO 9283 ± 0,05 mm

Maximum speed at load gravity center 10,3 m/s

Weight 248 kg

Brakes All axis

Pneumatic - 2 solenoid valves 5/2-way (compressed air) monostable 1 direct line between the base and the forearm

Electrical - 1 female 19-contact socket (7 twisted pairs including 2 shielded, 3 power contacts)

Protection class (*wrist)

according to standard NF EN 60529 IP65 (*67)

Stäubli CS8 series controller CS8C


Sériové čísloF13/5Q7UA1