Our company has recently started introducing industrial robots into our products. The current situation in the marked resulted in extremely long robot delivery times of six months and more. For one of our critical projects, a much faster solution was needed.

We have turned to JSM Solutions s.r.o. with a request to find suitable industrial robots available immediately or on a expedited schedule.

Using their extensive experience and extended network, JSM Solutions s.r.o. quickly identified and quoted an industrial robot with the correct parameters, in as-new condition with very low hours, at a price significantly below a new unit, and available within days. The robot has since been delivered and integrated to our full satisfaction.

We can strongly recommend JSM Solutions s.r.o. to all companies looking for new or lightly used industrial robots to fit tight project schedules at a reasonable price.

Dr. Dusan Lexa

KARING GmbH is working in the field of automatization processes in different business areas like automotive, pharmaceutics and other industries with special focus on robots for environment simulations (-40°C up to 85°C). In many cooperation with our customers we start with an idea how to change a manual process to an automatic process. In this phases we are doing quite often a Proof of Concept (PoC) for the right strategy of the future automatization product.

Looking for solutions to get quick and reliable robotic systems we have turned to JSM Solutions s.r.o. with the request to find Stäubli robots. To carry out a PoC we have always to deal with a limited budget and a tight time frame therefore we were looking also for used robot solutions.

JSM solutions with their great network and connections were always able to find solutions for us. Either by finding the needed robot quick in a suitable condition for our studies with an extra ordinary service by having a pre-check before delivery to us or buying from us a robot which was used for a PoC business and now no longer needed for any further similar tests.

We can strongly recommend JSM Solutions s.r.o. to all companies looking for robot system to perform within tight project and budget schedules.

Klaus Burger
Sales Director / Vice President, KARING GmbH