Bin Picking robot

Bin Picking robot

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Universal robot for sorting of random parts from KLT boxes according to customer specifications.

Output parts are oriented as needed. Cycle time depends on part size, shape and pallet size for storage.

⬢ Fast 3D picking and feeding of parts

⬢ Uses AI-powered passive stereo vision

⬢ Easy and ultra fast integration

⬢ Scalable - unlimited size of parts

⬢ Universal for any shape and any surface

⬢ Works also well on shiny and matte parts

⬢ Superior gripping accuracy from any angle

⬢ Learns how to move smoothly

⬢ Learns how to avoid obstacles

⬢ Generates accurate 3D point clouds

⬢ Light and compact vision system


VýrobceJSM Solutions powered by Sanezoo
ModelkaBin Picking robot