Stäubli RX160 black

Stäubli RX160 black

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The Stäubli RX160 robot consumed 30,000 engine hours.

Made in 2008.

Necessary accessories (communication card, digital input and output card...) can be added to the robot as needed.

The robot has had an oil change and is in good overall condition.

All serviced in original Stäubli service.

Maximum load capacity 34 kg

Nominal load capacity 20 kg

Reach (between axis 1 and 6) 1710 mm

Repeatability - ISO 9283 ± 0.05 mm

Maximum speed at the center of gravity of the load 10.3 m/s

Weight 248 kg

Brakes - All axles

Pneumatic: 2 solenoid valves 5/2-way (compressed air) monostable

1 straight line between base and forearm

Electrical: 1 socket with 19 contacts (7 twisted pairs including 2 shielded, 3 power contacts)

Standard for clean rooms - ISO 14644-1 5

Protection class (*wrist) according to NF EN 60529 IP65 (*67)

Stäubli controller series CS8 CS8C